Lil Pooh – Workaholic 2 [Mixtape]

Lil Pooh re-releases his new album, Workaholic 2 for free download featuring 4 brand new tracks.
01. Lil Pooh – Fast World [Prod. By Maxx Payne]
02. Lil Pooh – Workaholic 2 [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
03. Lil Pooh – RiseNGrind [Prod. By The Prodeuser]
04. Lil Pooh – Reality [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
05. Lil Pooh – Yung Country Nigga (Feat. Que) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
06. Lil Pooh – Had A Dream Pt 2 [Prod. By John Qwest]
07. Lil Pooh – To My Momma [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
08. Lil Pooh – Streets Don’t Owe U [Prod. By Zaytoven]
09. Lil Pooh – Struggle (Feat. Le$) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
10. Lil Pooh – Surrounded (Feat. Zavey) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
11. Lil Pooh – Ask About Me (Feat. Mouse On Tha Track) [Prod. By Mouse On Tha Track]
12. Lil Pooh – Just Gettin’ Started [Prod. By The Prodeuser]
13. Lil Pooh – I’m Runnin’ (Feat. Lil Mook) [Prod. By BWheezy]
14. Lil Pooh – Ride Slow [Prod. By John Qwest]
15. Lil Pooh – Vagitational Pull (Feat. Heazy) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
16. Lil Pooh – Real Shit (Feat. Jose Guapo & Que Tha Truth) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
17. Lil Pooh – Greenlight 2 (Feat. Goony Spliff, Zavey & C Dot Bush) [Prod. By The Prodeuser]
18. Lil Pooh – I Won’t Quit [Prod. By The Prodeuser]
19. Lil Pooh – Dirk [Prod. By JP On Tha Beat]
20. Lil Pooh – #WTFUTHINKIN [Prod. By Kc On Tha Track]
21. Lil Pooh – Kush & Heuxs (Feat. Yellaman) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
22. Lil Pooh – On My Last (Feat. Gutta Tv & J Holla) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
23. Lil Pooh – Music Fills The Air [Prod. By The Prodeuser]
24. Lil Pooh & Peryon J Kee – Smoke Up [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]